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“From Purple to Purple” is an album created out of solitude with my piano in the period of 2018 & 2019. The passion behind the tracks act freely, and each part of this collection has its unique history and singular experience, which I tried to perdurable them with sounds. Durability which is compatible with this sentence:

“Life is not a place to miss the moment.”

You can download the album from here.







Self-analysis Cover



Self-analysis as is clear from its name, is my vision to music which all tracks played by piano. By the recording time I have used improvisation in all tracks which is the intersection among them, I hope my Self-analysis to be overlapped with your visions. You can have it from here.







Last Moment Cover


The Last Moment is a solo piano album recorded and released in 2014, It has 12 tracks and based on both inspirational and jazz music. It’s better always to appreciate the last moment.