Each country has its own native music in accordance to the history and civilization of the region. The Middle East and especially Iran are not separated from this rule and considering its rich culture, music has long been of interest to the people of this country. Also because of its geographical vastness , each part of the country has its own folk music and old songs, some of which have their historical roots in a particular period, some have religious roots and some without any specific documentation, have been passed on from generation to generation.

Persian classical music relies on both improvisation and composition, and is based on a series of modal scales and tunes which must be memorized. The common repertoire consists of more than two hundred short melodic movements called gusheh, which are classified into seven dastgah or “modes.” The mystic and diversity of this music, with its differences in both melody and rhythm, made me to introduce it in the context of integrative music, to the rest of the world.



Furthermore, I’m looking to finding common grounds between these melodies and using jazz harmony, perform them in modern ways and present them to all music lovers in and out of Iran. It must be mentioned that some interested and caring musicians have had significant effort in this field, yet much more is required.