He started playing piano when he was a child. After several years of hard work in classical category, continued his academic education to master of science in playing piano, Also his classical repertoire is consisted of different periods from baroque to contemporary music.

His interest in improvising melodies, variations and accompaniments also following music in early 20th century in united state made him passionate about playing jazz piano and transcribed many jazz standard`s solos, in addition he has made and released the first elementary jazz piano tutorial in Iran in 2017.

Regarding encouraging young people to study music and sound engineering at universities, teaching them is one of his interests. He tries to assist them to improve in their educations in higher levels with an academic vision.

Being in Iranian national media programs as an critic, expert and researcher, he covers different fields such as Impressionism in music, Neoclassicism music, Jazz, etc. He introduces new books and conversations with writers, translators and analyzing many instrumental albums as well; His efforts is to offer valuable musical content for public audience.

Beside his personal activities, working with other music bands and famous performers were part of his achievements. He also has been actively performed aboard as well as inside the country in festivals, competitions and concerts.

In addition Amir Shahabi is graduated in Electrical Engineering from Technical University in Tehran, Although his main focus is working in a professional music industry, but he pursues the research and design in Electrical field and is working independently in this category.